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Thumbnail Credit
Front cover, Only The Dead Know Brooklyn
Download 2.1Mb image
photo: JR Rost
layout: James Mokarry

CD sleeve back photo, Only The Dead Know Brooklyn
Download 2.6Mb image

JR Rost
Under the Gowanus Expressway
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JR Rost/George McCloskey
The Shirts 2006
Download 2.1Mb photo 
George McCloskey

The Shirts onstage at CBGB's,
May 31 2003.
The first performance after regrouping.
Download 2.1Mb photo


Onstage at CBGB's November 2005
Download 2Mb photo

JR Rost
Only The Dead Know Brooklyn
CD image

Download 2.5Mb image
JR Rost
James Mokarry
Kathy McCloskey

Tattoo of drummer Johnny 'Zeeek' Criscione, onstage at CBGB's November 2005
Download a hi-res image (2.0Mb)

Robert Tuozzo
The Shirts, Only The Dead Know Brooklyn

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