Miscellaneous Downloads

Click to go to a page with selections of panoramas made in 1996, when the Stereo Society was a beta test site for Apple and their groundbreaking new technology.
The Stereo Society
The Stereo Society studio 1995-96, early experimental QuickTimeVR file with interlinked panoramas (7.0 MB for PC and Mac)
The Uptown Horns
Sprawl Sessions 1998, QuickTimeVR panorama (1.2 MB for PC and Mac)

We used to offer text downloads, but that's not necessary now. You can save any page, graphics and all, as a pdf (portable document format) or xps (XML paper specification - a Microsoft print file format) document. On the Mac, click on Print and then select the pdf option. On the PC, click on Print and then select the xml option, save the file when prompted, then browse to it and click to open using the xps file viewer or your browser.