Mixman remix contest 2000

In 2000, the Stereo Society teamed with Mixman, the innovative interactive music company, with a competition for the most creative mix of Natural Beautyfrom Thorne's Sprawl CD. Here's the story from that past time.

The Stereo Society has teamed up with Mixman Technologies to provide, gratis free and for nothing, a D*Plate of Thorne’s Natural Beauty, from the Sprawl album. Click on the user-friendly icons below to take you to the Mixman site, and get going immediately – no other software or player is needed. You’ll be startled by the music that results. Enter today and your remix entry could end up on our next 12" vinyl release

With Mixman's software, you play specially prepared D*Plates, which you can imagine as a set of 16 musical loops playing simultaneously, each with its own on/off switch. Each of 16 buttons brings a musical element (such as the kick drum or a vocal lick) in or out. For all the ambitious users out there, don't forget to check out our DJ Corner. Sift through our collection of over a hundred samples and incorporate them into several new projects.

Mixman sell their playback and D*Plate construction software. However, you can download a demo version free, for which you’ll need a little patience since if you get that bundled with Natural Beauty, the total download is 8Mb. Looks like one to leave grinding while you eat dinner. Individual D*Plates are about 6Mb each, the size reflecting the CD-quality sound (wav files) that is incorporated. It’s better and punchier than compressed mp3 files (don’t believe what they say about mp3 quality being the same as a CD).

More conveniently, on the Mixman site, there’s a Radio Mixman section where you can play with the mixes live on their site without late-night downloading, although the audio quality is obviously compromised for speed. (This section is presently PC only, with the Macintosh version promised).

Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter. This will give details of future D*Plates and club-type devices, even plain old club remixes.

Update: See the official results of our Natural Beauty remix contest.

Mixman Natural Beauty remix competition 2000

Download Mixman Studio demo
w/the Natural Beauty D*Plate.
Get started today! Here, you will find everything you need to create your own remix for Natural Beauty.
Download the Natural Beauty D*Plate.
If you already have a version of Mixman Studio then all you need is the free D*Plate to remix Natural Beauty.