Mysterious Tremendum in the Den of Cin

Mysterious Tremendum Ensemble, under the direction of Gongmaster Don Conreaux performed in the Den of Cin, East Houston Street, New York City, towards the end of 1997.

A most unusual and exceptional combinations of venue and performers.

notes by Randee Ragin and Don Conreaux

In this multi-media experience we created an improvisation, blending synchronous chaos of the moment, in a somewhat intimate venue with a bar, tables, and dance space. It was to be a complete surprise for the audience. We arrived under cover( so to speak), set up without being noticed and began to play, roaming the entire space during the performance event. Audience, performer, witness, participant, all blended into a “never before, never again” experience. To close the event, Don performed his Dance of the Gong, and transported us all into the timeless zone.

Improvisational Performer Collaborators:
Mysterious Tremendum Ensemble members on instrumentation which included gongs, conchs, animal horns, native American pow wow and frame drums, rattles and shakers, bells, voices
Tribe dance theatre members
Museum of Sound Recording members
Den DJs
Independent Video Artists

Improvisational Performance Included:
Video walls of pre-recorded materials in combination with live feed of activities within the Den, two turntable DJ’s, two video artists, one male and one female dance movement artists, and eight musicians in the ensemble.