The Reds: Cry Tomorrow

The Reds' Cry Tomorrow CD

download a bundle of ten long track excerpts (22Mb):
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  1   Waiting For You
  2   Gimme Shelter
  3   Torn And Frayed
  4   Terror In My Heart
  5   This Time
  6   One More Time
  7   All So Wrong
  8   Cry Tomorrow
  9   Outside Door
  10   Shaken Cold





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Recorded and mixed by Mike Thorne at The Stereo Society, New York City
Additional engineering: Carl Beatty
Production assistants: Jason Appleton, Valerie Ghent,
Laura Janisse, James Rosenthal
Mastered by Leon Zervos at Absolute Audio, New York City
Produced by Mike Thorne

Cover design by JR Rost
Booklet design and print production by Jim Mokarry
Cover photograph from the video Cry Tomorrow directed by Michael Hilf
Production management by Jeanette Buckley

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