The Stereo Society has been helped and supported by a wide and diverse range of people. The studio began in 1986, the online record label in 1999.

Some people below are still working with us, others have gone on to further glamorous adventures.

We thank in alphabetical order:
Phil Ames
Lou Ardolino
Roger A. Bond
Jimmy Biondollilo
Clinton Bradley
Ross Brouse
Jeanette Buckley
Amy Caramante
Brian Dorfman
Helen Frankel
Brian George
Valerie Ghent
Matt Hampton
Jeremy Kagan
Karen Kerr
Joel Lascher
Theresa Locklear
George McPherson
Jonnie Miles
Andrew Milne
Jim Mokarry
Jody Montrey
Ed Morgan
Michael O'Hora
David Pakman
Brian Pollack
James Rosenthal
JR Rost
John Tamburello
Dick Wingate

Mike Thorne (President)