About Us At The Stereo Society

RavenStereo Society recordings are presented almost exclusively online.  We offer a large extract as mp3 download, m4a (AAC/mpeg-4) download and streaming audio for all recordings, . We offer sale of all tracks as CDs via mail and electronically by direct-download, huge and exclusive sections about our family of artists, and writing from Lene Lovich, Johnny Reinhard and Mike Thorne.  We have grown far beyond the typical record company shop window: almost a multimedia magazine, offering free downloads of other types of media such as graphics, text files and QuickTimeVR panoramas.  We're open for contact as well as for business.  You can E-mail any artist or participant from here.

Albums at the Stereo SocietySprawlThe Stereo Society is a new direction, presently releasing and selling seven highly individual, totally different but honest and uncompromising albums.  The whole record company/Website/studio combination was originally set up as an alternative method for creating and distributing Thorne's Sprawl recording, but several unusual albums had been made just for the fun of it and demanded releases. Then things changed. This music didn't fit anywhere else.  Here it all is.  On it all goes.

SprawlThorne: The Contessa's PartyThis Web site and 'cyber-record company' started because record producer Mike Thorne wanted to create a publishing vehicle for his own recording and writing.  But there were other artists and records he cared about, who did not usually fit the established mold.  His former commercial record production career was intertwined with people like this. He didn't want these trees to fall silently in the forest.  There was a chance to have fun making music again.  This very personal note explains the evolution of the diverse music that is the Stereo Society.

Thorne: The Contessa's PartyThe Stereo Society began as a recording studio in New York's Greenwich Village in 1987, and is now celebrating almost a quarter century making digital, acoustical and analog noises.  With its wide-ranging combination of computers and audio equipment, it is one of the most powerful music rooms in the world.  Now exclusively dedicated to the Stereo Society label, it has expanded to include graphics, video, photography, internet and website production.

Cry TomorrowLene Lovich: Shadows and DustWe have had our heads down working most of the time, but we did enjoy a good launch party all those years ago on April 15, 1999.  Two pages: the pix that are fit to print from lots of disposable cameras, some of which even remained at the end of the night, and more from our album cover designer JR Rost, who never seems to go off-duty. Time for another celebration soon. Plenty of music coming.

The record company, studio and Website result from the efforts of a wide range of people.  Here they are.