Carol Lipnik: Hope Street

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Carol Lipnik: Hope Street

1 Hope Street
2 Voodoo Doll
3 By This River
4 Wild Pony/Ago Chango
5 Plain Gold Ring
6 Rags And Old Iron
  7 I Don't Know How To Stop
8 The Twist
9 Sister Rosemarie
10 Language Of The Heart
11 Reality
12 In Faith

Carol Lipnik - vocals, guitar, organ, piano
Marlon Cherry - lead guitar, percussion
David Kannenstine - bass
Geoff Mann - drums, percussion, trumpet, flute
with special guests:
Tom Ward - guitar
Bradford Reed - organ, drum machine, Mellotron,
samples, synthesizer

Their latest CD, Hope Street, strives to be the soundtrack to a lost soul's lonely stroll down a seedy New Orleans Street, there lulled into a derelict brothel by Lipnik's eerie multi-octave wail and Spookarama's brand of blues, mixing voodoo and psychedelic. The music steers for melancholy by way of the carnival-esque and the creepy. No surprise, since Lipnik grew up by the defunct funhouses and rickety rides of Coney Island.
-Village Voice

Carol Lipnik's atmospheric, carnivalesque sound (check out the new Hope Street) has won them a loyal following. If Coney Island had a cabaret scene, Lipnik would be its queen.
-Time Out New York


Arrangements by Spookarama and Bradford
Recorded, engineered, and mixed by
Bradford Reed May 2002 through July 2002
at FT.LD. Studio, Brooklyn, NY,
Mastered by Moses Nagel,
Red Sea Mastering,
Beacon, NY

Lipnik's moody voice conveys the feeling of being stuck at midnight in the middle of the winter in Coney Island, the neighborhood of her youth..
-The New Yorker

Carol Lipnik's Spookerama evokes a Coney Island of the ear full of ghostly, carnivalesque moments.
-The New York Times

Ghostly images of Brooklyn, pelvic grooves and a New Orleans voodoo/creepy carnival feel combine to make Lipnik a must-see.

If DJ Spooky mix-melded Laura Nyro's New York Tendaberry with Tom Waits' Mule Variations it might sound something like Carol Lipnik and Spookarama
-Waterfront Week