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Carol Lipnik - pinhole photo by Stefan Killen Carol Lipnik sings Carol Lipnik, wearing exotic fringed dress Carol Lipnik, cabaret artist Carol Lipnik plays guitar Carol Lipnick in concert Flash Rosenberg's live drawing of Carol Lipnik performing Lifeline

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Carol Lipnik is acclaimed for her hauntingly beautiful multi-octave voice and her spellbinding performances of darkly humorous and wrenchingly honest songs in which waves of melancholy break on a debris-strewn shoreline of ecstasy.

The music does more than evoke a shadow-world of mysterious, often misunderstood creatures, from sideshow freaks and b-movie monsters to love's obsessive victims. It creates that world, bringing it into audible being through her stunningly versatile four-octave voice and expressive, impeccably crafted songs. Her live shows draw audiences in with an intimacy and intensity that is both theatrical and deeply musical. Whether performing as a duo with pianist Matt Kanelos or with a full-band version of Spookarama (named for Coney Island's iconic dark ride) with music director, Dred Scott, and featuring some of New York's most inventive players, her repertoire - ranging from mad, carnival-ride tangos and waltzes to dramatic Bowie-esque rock and intricate, semi-acoustic art songs is unified by the singer's visionary commitment to the beauty of strangeness and the strangeness of beauty. Carol Lipnik's songs and performances are, in the truest sense, enchantments.

She may be the only mermaid represented at the Stereo Society. 

2016 shows

Don't miss the chance to see Carol perform songs from her haunting new album Almost Back to Normal, with Matt Kanelos on piano.

Returning with a new show and new songs Sundays (except Oct 2nd) from September 18th
Artist in residence at Pangea, NYC
Every Sunday at 7pm/ doors 6pm
$15 cover in advance/ $20 at the door
For more info, visit Pangea's website

Carol Lipnik perfoming at the AOT PROJECT SALON 2016 Fundraising CAMPAIGN LAUNCH PARTYJanuary 19 2016: Carol Lipnik and Matt Kanelos performing at the AOT Project Salon 2016 Fundraising Campaign Launch Party

"The ethereal vocal phenomenon Carol Lipnik" Stephen Holden, The New York Times

Carol's long-term residency at Pangea, NYC, ended on January 31 2016.
Read the November 16th Review by the New York Times

And the Lo-Down

"Of all the many ongoing weekly gigs in this city, it’s impossible to think of a more happening one right now than this show...If state-of-the-art songcraft and magical voices are your thing, miss this at your peril. Years from now, people will be saying they were here even if they weren’t." New York Music Daily

Almost Back To Normal album, by Carol LipnikCarol Lipnik's new art-song collection,
Almost Back to Normal is now available!

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To Carol Lipnik's official website

Carol Lipnik - social media links Soundcloud link

Carol Lipniks interview with Boice for Talk On Talk

Watch Carol perform The Oyster And The Sand from her latest album, Almost Back To Normal

...and then, from the same album, a haunting performance of Oh, The Tyranny

Live drawing of Oh, The Tyranny, created by Flash Rosenberg during a performance at Pangea, NYC. See more live drawings of Carol's songs .

Live drawing of Carol Lipnik's Oh, The Tyranny, by Flash Rosenberg

Carol Lipnik, pinhole photo by Stefan Killen

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