The Shirts' Brooklyn Video

The Shirts' song Only The Dead Know Brooklyn tells of the perils of underestimating the rougher parts of the borough. It's a take on Thomas Wolfe's short story (he of the 1935 publication in The New Yorker, not that guy in the white suit).

Picking up on the CD booklet, and his own photos of industrial archeology, JR Rost delivers a remarkable tour de force of live club performance, montage and flat-out fancy effects. It's available to watch online below, or for free download in four versions. Its release unfortunately coincides with the closure of the legendary club where they played for its whole existence: 1973 through 2006. These are parallel histories.

The PC and the Mac have always displayed colors differently. The Mac tends to be darker and of higher contrast than the PC. So we offer a choice of appropriately corrected video files here. Some of you will have the controls in the application you use to watch it, in which case you can fiddle as much as you like.

You can play it (below), but we also offer two different resolutions for download. The smaller is suitable for playing on the video iPod. The other is of sufficient resolution to be displayed nicely on a TV or computer screen, played from an iPod or from a computer. Choose your download and go. These are all QuickTime files, so you can play them on your computer with most media players.

The montages, combinations of old industrial Brooklyn, CBGB on stage, and more were so good that we put together a gallery of 16 stills from the video. Truly, a dream world. Off you go...

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The Shirts, Only The Dead Know Brooklyn

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