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A selection of recent photographs and snapshots from gigs, the media
and various activities...

BETTY in The Hague, Netherlands 2007 BETTY in Cologne, Germany 2006 BETTY in Kolkata, India 2014 BETTY in Philadelphia Pride, PA, USA 2014 BETTY performing for human rights day, Middlechurch, NYC  2013 BETTY in the dressing room before the show, Prague, Czech Republic 2014
BETTY in Prague, 2014 Alyson in Prague, 2014 Amy in Prague, 2014 Tony Salvatore, Elizabeth Ziff, Allison Miller, Alyson Palmer, Amy Ziff curtain call BETTYs Holiday show, The City Winery, NYC December 8th, 2014 BETTY coming on stage, Kent england, 2008 BETTY being interviewed backstage by Ruby Salvatore Palmer at L Beach Festival, Hamburg, Germany 2014
BETTY performing for ERA coalition (equal rights amendment) the capitol, Washington, D.C. 2014 BETTY performing for Human Rights Day, Middlechurch, NYC  2013 BETTY before marching in the first ever Gay Pride march in Vilnius, Lithuania 2012 Elizabeth in Prague, 2014 BETTY performing at Museum of Mass MOCA, Massachussetes, USA 2013

BETTY in Philadelphia Pride, PA, USA 2014

BETTY in Philadelphia Pride, PA, USA 2014

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