BETTY: Punctuations in Time

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BETTY in the early days were, as now, very communications-conscious. Here are flyers charting their creative development in their early days.
April 1987
March 6 1988
September 1988
Vanity Fair
February 1991
The Plastic Band
July 1988
8803 120.jpg 8809 120.jpg 9102140.jpg copy 8807 120.gif
The Golden Ticket
May 1990
Hello BETTY!
February 1992
The Dinner Party
May 1992
The Rehearsal
November 1992
The Muses
November 1992
9005 120.jpg 9202150.gif 9205 120.jpg 9211a165.jpg copy 9211 120.jpg
Season's Greetings
December 1992
Kiss My Sticky
June 1994
Little Ricky
Summer 1994
Snow Globe
Winter 1995/6
Contact II
February 1995
9212140.jpg copy 9406140.jpg copy BELitR120.gif BESnowgl120.gif 9502150.jpg
Escape From The Wads
August 1995
September 1995
What's Up?
August 1996
New Year's Eve
December 1996
La Figa
December 1997
9509a200.jpg copy 9509150.jpg copy 9609200.jpg copy 9612180.jpg copy 9712140.jpg copy
The Swingers
February 1996
A Redhead,
A Roulette
November 1996
High Hopes
April 1997
The Kozik
May 1998
Ms Mercury
August 1998
9602200.jpg copy 9611180.jpg copy 9704140.jpg copy BEMsM.120.gif 9808120.gif
November 1998
February 1998
The Jewish Museum
December 1998
  9811140.jpg copy 9802140.jpg copy 9812120.gif  

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