BETTY: Fanmail from back then, Example 1

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BETTY: Anonymous fanmailDear BETTY --

I just wanted to drop you a note after having picked up a copy of Carnival last night at Melody Records here in DC. I have to tell you I have a MAJOR problem with the disc -- it's ONLY 28 minutes long!!! It is such a stunning disc that I never wanted it to end!!

In my humble opinion, Carnival is the ULTIMATE BETTY disc. It's the perfect synthesis of all that is wonderful about your work. It combines the offbeat fun and incredibly witty writing showcased most effectively on Hello BETTY! (still my favorite BETTY disc and one of my "desert island" discs) and Kiss My Sticky, the magnificent harmonies shown in all your work but particularly on Limboland, and the arena rock-like energy of BETTY3 and all your concerts. I hope this disc brings you the huge following you so very much deserve!

Thanks for the many hours of enjoyment that your discs and concerts have provided me for years and that I'm sure they will continue to provide for many years. I'm looking forward to seeing you at the Birchmere on 3/3.

Be well,

An unsolicited E mail from a fan in DC
(for real, honest)

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