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BETTY: Filthy Lucre Soundscape


BETTY: Filthy Lucre

1. Filthy Lucre: Original
2. BETTY & Darren Waterston: A Conversation
3. Filthy Lucre: Soundscape

Produced by Mike Thorne

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BETTY - Bright & Dark album



BETTY: Bright & Dark

1.My Baby
2. Did You Tell Her
3. A Fix Of You
4. Back It Up
5. Jesus
6. Cinderella
7. Film Noir
8. Linda Blair
9. Avalanche
10. Raw
11. Another One
12. Honey West
13. King Kong (featuring Kate Pierson)




BETTY: Snowbiz

1. Snowfolk
2. Space Age Solstice
3. Miracles Can Happen
4. Georgia
5. Itchy Fingers
6. Snowslide
7. Happy Holidays
8. Dreidle Jingle Fiasco
9. Holiday Office Party
10. Lullabye
11. Xmas Ain't Coming This Year
12. Snowjob

Produced by Mike Thorne

BETTY: Snowbiz   
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1. Ups and Downs
2. Slap Bang
3. Window
4. It Girl
5. I Met Someone
6. Mr. Music
7. I Met Someone - Amy Ziff
8. Put It Off
9. Kissing You
10. I Met Someone
11. Jungle Jane
  12. Overwhelmed
13. If Only
14. Broken
15. Wave
16. Gravity
17. Noise
18. Happy Holidays
19. Window
20. If I Had It Over to Do
21. Yeah Yeah


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BETTY: Carnival

1. Carnival
2. Millennium Man
3. Jungle Jane
4. Wishing Well
5. Pins and Needles
6. Heartache
7. Carnival Revisited

Produced by Mike Thorne

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1. It Girl
2. Kissing You
3. A Perfect Date
4. Dolls And Bennies
5. Hercules
6. Wave
7. Underworld
8. Naughty Nadia
9. Nowheresville
10. Together
11. Greedy
12. You Don't Know
13. Lucy In The Sky
With Diamonds

Produced by Elizabeth Ziff and Alyson Palmer
Co-Produced by Dave Cook and Amy Ziff
(c) 1999 The Man From B.E.T.T.Y., inc.
(p) 1999 BETTYRules Music (BMI)




BETTY: Limboland

1. Limboland
2. Baby Ooo
3. In Crowd
4. Brave Old World
5. Houdini
6. Windy
7. Freaky
8. A Typical Love
9. Flick That Thing
10. Impossibly Blue
11. Heaven
12. Two Cherries
13. Metro

Produced by BETTY
The Man From B.E.T.T.Y. Records
(c) 1995 The Man From B.E.T.T.Y., inc.
(p) 1995 BETTYRules Music (BMI)

Kiss My Sticky



BETTY: Kiss My Sticky

1. Kiss My Sticky (udderly romantic)
2. Kiss My Sticky (shameless dance mix)
3. Alpaca
4. High Hopes
5. Kiss My Sticky (extended ego mix)

Produced by Mike Thorne
All songs arranged by BETTY
except dance and ego mix by Mike Thorne.
(c) 1994 The Man From B.E.T.T.Y., inc.
(p) 1994 BETTTYRules Music (BMI)

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1. Hello, Betty
2. Fun Girl
3. Picnic Love Affair
4. Martini Talk
5. First Date
6. Chain Reaction
7. Bicycle
8. Betticoat Junction
9. Wolfwoman
10. Echo
11. Bar Talk Duets
12. Window
13. Broken
14. N.Y.U.
15. Aftershock
16. Go Ahead And Split
Mr. Amoeba Man
17. Shrinkback
18. D.C. Dog
19. Snake Saga
20. Ms. Snake
21. Mrs. Goldberg's Critique

Produced by Mike Thorne
(c) 1991 the man from B.E.T.T.Y., inc.
(p) 1991 BETTYRules Music (BMI)

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