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Arthur Brown's 60+ years have been as adventurous and as colorful as anyone's. After early experimental bands in the sixties, he hit worldwide prominence with The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown and Fire in 1968. As he wryly comments on his Web site, not seeing any royalties whatsoever was the first of a career of missed opportunities (the law suit is still pending). Fire essentially started the heavy metal genre, and many bands such as Black Sabbath and Deep Purple have acknowledged his influence.

After what remains his most visible achievement, he progressed through a series of musical adventures which included, in the early seventies, the first use of a drum machine on record and on stage. His electronic inclinations took him to prominent album recordings with German synthesizer pioneer Klaus Schulze in 1980. Since then, he has been sporadically active, continuing to record and release albums although (as he puts it) 'they tend to escape rather than be released.'

Arthur's offering around the time of the interview, released September 2007 is The Voice Of Love.

The Contessa's PartyArthur's connection with the Stereo Society is his guest appearance on a track on Thorne's CD The Contessa's Party.


August 2015
We couldn't resist posting this, from Private Eye

Arthur Brown cartoon from Private Eye

Arthur Brown and his 1968 fire helmet

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photo: Molesworth

Many of Arthur's long out-of-print recordings are now available again.

See our selected discography and album links to Amazon US if you're tempted.