Allan Schwartzberg

Allan Schwartzberg's home at the Stereo SocietyAllan Schwartzberg is a 'first-call' New York session drummer. He does everything from jingles to sound tracks to record dates, and does them so well that he has had one of the longest running careers of any musician in this trendy, stressful and highly competitive business.

"Allan has played with such diverse artists as Stan Getz, Peter Gabriel, Mountain and James Brown. He's also one of the original disco drummers, playing on such dance classics as Gloria Gaynor's Never Can Say Goodbye, Tony Camillo's Bazuka's Dynomite, and Meco's Theme From Star Wars. And the rampant sampling of James Brown's Funky President has made Allan's beat the sound of '90s hip-hop. Allan is one of the unsung heroes of this game. By way of introduction, I'll simply let Allan speak for himself."
- from the introduction to the interview by Jim Payne

The Contessa's PartyThorne: SprawlAllan has contributed percussion to both Thorne CDs, Sprawl (1999) and The Contessa's Party (2006).

Interviewed by Mike Thorne
at the Stereo Society, December 13, 1999
Interviewed by Jim Payne
from Give The Drummers Some, 1996
The Working Drummer By Robert Santelli
from Modern Drummer, December 1988Cab Chases And Smart Moves: A Day In The Life by Chris Doering from College Musician, Fall 1986

Selected Discography

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Interview with Mike Thorne, December 1999 at the Stereo Society
Interview with Jim Payne, Give The Drummers Some 1996
The Working Drummer by Robert Santelli, Modern Drummer 1988
Cab Chases and Smart Moves: A Day In The Life by Chris Doering, College Musician 1988
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